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A visual design & brand studio... that also fabricates unique signage. Lean, efficient, affordable, experienced and functionable in practice. Our goal is to make your business better and our services enjoyable.

For 30,000 years humans have been communicating with symbols and marks… We follow this pursuit and have actively been contributing to graphic marks and Western Canadian visual identities over the past 20 years of human travel…
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About - Dean Bartsch
About - Dean Bartsch
A few words from the acting station manager

21 Years at this. An interesting mosaic of clients and solving design problems. Still love it. I understand that it is an honour and responsibility to learn about a business and then be given the trust to visually speak for them. Pretty cool.

I’ve always been a sign-guy at heart and in practice. The exposure to sign-making fostered the path to graphic design and art direction. I don’t think I’ve ever fully separated the two jobs. Sign company’s and studios were design and ‘branding’ at the beginning of the industrial revolution. They were part commercial artist, brand developer, fabricator and spacial designer. They understood how to create logos/layout and fit them into the landscape effectively; how to communicate with the masses and select clientele and then leave memorable marks for years to come. They were savvy and not afraid to get on a ladder and work. I relate to that kind of commercial art studio and work to understand the disciplines that can be used for today’s visual communications. 

Folk Art…
Continuing what my cousins and family are wired to do. Make stuff.

Thanks for tuning in!
Dean Bartsch
Certified Graphic Designer